There is no better way to protect your property than stationing a Gold Standard Security Guard permanently on your site. This allows for immediate action, enabling the guard to deal with any issues that may arise. At Gold Standard Security, our SIA licensed security guards are trained in a wide range of essential duties. These include:

  • In-Store Security
  • Access Control
  • Gate-House Security
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Other Static Guard Security Services

Our high-visibility, uniformed Security Guards are diligent in all aspects of their professional duties. These duties include recording day-to-day activities, situations and occurrences and making detailed and accurate reports about what they observe or is reported to them. All Gold Standard Security Guards are trained to carry out Dyster Patrols. What does this mean to the average person? Well, this means that you as a client can position our Guards at specified points throughout your facility. This ensures that the job is done correctly, to what we call the Gold Standard. Above all, all Gold Standard Security Guards will undertake their duties in a courteous, discreet and above all professional manner.

With a fully operational support and communication network in place, Gold Standard Security has pledged to ensure that both our guards and your property are safe and secure. As a result of our Quality Assurance Checks, we provide the most reliable protection service possible with the Gold Standard Security Guarding Team ensuring that our presence deters criminal acts or disruptive behaviour from taking place.