Unlike most companies, we do not have a 24/7 monitoring station, however, GSS is able to provide the CCTV operatives to work at your facility. Gold Standard Security’s CCTV operatives play a vital role in keeping the public safe, by preventing and reducing crime, working closely with management, health and safety, stewards, security officers and local authorities.

The role of a CCTV operator is to safeguard the public, protect property, and ensure the security of data. As a CCTV operative, they have many responsibilities, ranging from operating and monitoring banks of screens, reporting incidents as evidence, and potentially contacting the police and emergency services as and when required.

The operators have a good understanding of body language in order to monitor crowds, intercept trouble before it occurs, and track potential issues. Some of the skills they have are strong communication skills, evidence gathering including report writing.

So far to date, Gold Standard Security has gained experience in providing this service to local councils, shopping centres, sporting events and large capacity festivals.